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Entry Visa to Oman: Border crossing between UAE and Oman only for Professional and Executive Visa holders

UAE residents holding professional/executive designation in their visa can pass into Oman from the UAE without having to apply for Entry visa.

Teachers, doctors, Engineers, Businessmen, lawyers anyone who has a professional occupation are allowed to cross the border on payment of Dh50. You can pay fees at Hatta border or Hilli checkpoint, which links Al Ain with Buraimi. Dh35 to be paid at UAE Exit point.

Those who do other jobs, such as in the Service industry, Construction or Sales, Receptionist... would not be allowed. They should get visa stamped on their Passport from Oman Consulate in Dubai or Oman Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Visa Fees: Dh50 Period of Stay: 28 days.
Free visa for dependants below 18 years. Delay fine Dh100 for everyday.

Families of the residents, their drivers, house maids and companions are allowed provided that they should present their labour cards and their passports are valid for a period not less than three months.

Oman Consulate Dubai Address:
8th Street, Umm Hurair First, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Landmark: Near Indian Consulate, Tel: +971 4 3971000

Oman Embassy Abu Dhabi Address:
Al Karamah StreetAl Mushrif, Abu Dhabi, Opposite Abu Dhabi Country Club, Tel. +971 2 446 3333

Visa Validity: Your UAE visa must be valid for at least six months and the passport has at least six-month validity.

Tourists who do not live in the UAE are only granted access if they have passports from EU countries, the US or Australia. read more

Residents in Oman need written permission from their sponsors to travel to the UAE.

Vehicle Insurance: Oman covered vehicle insurance is mandatory for your car. Insurance facility available at border on payment of 30 Riyal.

If you are driving vehicle which belongs to other person/company, you should keep No Objection Certificate with you in Arabic signed by the owner.

CONTACT NUMBER AT OMAN AIRPORT: For more information on visa regulations to Oman please call Royal Oman Police, Passports and Residency section at Muscat International Airport on +968-24518746

CONTACT NUMBER OF DUBAI IMMIGRATION: For more information on visa regulations to Dubai please contact GDRFA Call Center on +971 4 313 9999

Eligible Professions Listed by Royal Oman Police



Agricultural engineer

Agricultural supervisor

Aircraft crew


Architect engineer


Athletic planner

Author / writer

Aviation engineer



Budget expert





Chemical Commercial agent

Commercial partner

Computer engineer

Computer manager




Decoration designer

Dent surgery


Department supervisor

Deputy general manager

Deputy manager




Electronic engineer

Electronic technician

Employee Engineer

Expert Food observer

Football player

General manager


Geologist engineer


Head of department

Health observer

Hospital technician



Laboratory technician




Mechanic generators

Mechanical assistant

Mechanical engineer

Military officer


Non-commissioned officer

Nurse Pharmacist




Pilot officer


Printing press operator

Production assistant

Production executive

Program analyst


Project evaluator

Project in-charge


Reporter / announcer

Sales executive


Senior consultant


Sport trainer


Stores inspector





Tourism adviser


Treatment specialist


University professor

Vessel captain

Vessels supervisor

Wireless operator

Writer X ray technician
Other professional / Executive Designations. This is not an official list.

1. Aquatic specialist

2. Statistics specialist
3. Agricultural specialist

4. Gardening specialist

5. Medical analysis specialist

6. Speech specialist

7. Breeding specialist (animals/birds/bees)

8. Medical X-ray specialist

9. Nutrition specialist

10. Zoology specialist

11. Psychiatrist

12. Lab specialist

13. Sports medicine specialist

14. Sociologist

15. X-Ray specialist

16. Media specialist

17. Customs specialist

18. Medical therapy specialist

19. Writer

20. University professor

21. Media person

22. Secretary or director of library

23. Staffs at embassies in GCC (except support services jobs)

24. Archeological researcher

25. Administrative researcher

26. Legal researcher

27. Professor

28. Trader

29. Geologist

30. Quantity enumerator

31. Referee (sports)

32. Finance/Economics expert

33. Law expert

34. Information Systems expert

35. Diplomat (Members of diplomatic corps)

36. President/CEO

37. President or director of a university

38. Chief Justice

39. Head of Prosecution

40. President or director of a club

41. Weather expert

42. Earthquakes expert

43. Captain of Ship/Cruise/Carrier/Steamship

44. Businessman

45. Religious person

46. Architectural draftsman

47. Business lady

48. Executive secretary

49. Journalist

50. Pharmacist

51. Jeweler

52. Army officer

53. Police officer

54. University student

55. Physician (All specialisation)

56. Surgeon (All specialisation)

57. Veterinary doctor

58. Pilot

59. Scientist

60. College dean

61. Astronomer

62. Artist (Actor, Musician, Composer, Poet, Painter, Singer…..etc)

63. Telecom technician

64. Professional security and safety technician

65. Medical equipments technician

66. Control equipments technician

67. X-ray technician

68. Dental technician (fixing)

69. Radio or TV transmission technician

70. Optical technician

71. ECG technician

72. Horse breeding technician

73. Mining technician

74. Microscopic technician

75. Geology technician

76. Well drilling technician

77. Pharmaceutical technician

78. Foodstuff technician

79. Ship maintenance technician

80. Aircraft maintenance technician

81. Train Maintenance Technician

82. Lab Technician

83. Aviation Technician

84. Physicist

85. Judge

86. Chemist (All Specializations)

87. Player (All sports items in a sports club)

88. Author

89. Computer Programmer

90. Translator

91. Accountant / Auditor

92. Lecturer

193. Lawyer / Advocate

94. Economic Analyst

95. Systems Analyst

96. Operations Analyst

97. Director

98. Customs Clearer

99. Sports Trainer

100. Aviation Trainer

101. General Professional Trainer (Industrial/Agricultural/Commercial)

102. Teacher / Instructor

103. Proofreader

104. Investment Manager

105. Archeological Director

106. Research & Studies Director

107. Insurance Manager

108. Banking business Manager

109. Production Director

110. Manager or Director of any government departments or companies

111. Administrative Manager

112. Broadcasting Manager

113. Media Manager

114. Regional Director

115. Bank Manager

116. Commercial Manager

117. Marketing Manager

118. Television Manager

119. Executive Manager / Director

120. Cooperative Society Manager

121. Accounts Manager

122. Cinema Director

123. Company or Factory Manager

124. Maintenance Manager

125. Printing and Publishing Manager

126. Hotel Manager

127. Electrical Manager

128. Finance Manager

129. Sales Manager

130. Museum Manager

131. School Manager

132. Plant Manager

133. Theatre Manager

134. Hospital Manager

135. Institute Manager

136. Library Manager

137. Laboratory Manager

138. Marine Transport Manager

139. Land Transport Manager

140. Air Transport Manager

141. Tourism Agency Manager

142. TV or Radio Programs Presenter

143. Correspondent (Newspaper/Radio/TV)

144. Food Controller

145. Aircraft Takeoff Controller

146. Maritime Controller

147. Quality Controller

148. Air Controller

149. Marine Traffic Controller

150. Media Controller

151. Road Controller

152. Aircraft Landing Controller

153. Cruise Ship Guide

154. Tourist Guide

155. Aviation Guide

156. Surveyor

157. Assistant Pharmacist

158. Co-Pilot

159. Assistant Engineer (All specializations)

160. Consultant

161. General Supervisor

162. Ships Supervisor

163. Banker

164. Decoration Designer

165. TV Cameraman

166. Cinema Cameraman

167. Press Photographer

168. Land Hostess

169. Air Hostess

170. Program Producer

171. Ship Captain

172. Aircraft Pilot

173. Male or Female Nurse

174. Cinema or Television Producer

175. Marketing Representative

176. Sports Representative

177. Sales Representative

178. Procurement Representative

179. Administration Coordinator

180. Archeological Prospector

181. Engineer (All specializations)

182. Career Counselor

183. Assistant General Manager

184. Captain

185. Commercial Broker

186. Travel or Tourism Agent

Any changes in rules? Please mail us to visaprocess.ae@gmail.com to improve the content which will be helpful for others.
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Tags: I am a UAE Resident. Do I need entry visa to go to Oman? What professions are eligible to cross Oman border without entry visa? How much is the fee of Oman Visa? Where can I apply for Oman Visa? Where is Oman Consulate in Dubai? Where is Oman Embassy in UAE?

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